Same-Day Shipping

Every single product in this catalog is stocked in our warehouse here in Colorado, so you'll never have to deal with confusing split shipments, multiple tracking numbers, or products coming from different locations. Because of our centralized shipping model, we ship out all in stock orders within 24 hours. Here's the best part, at the end of each day, our system generates tracking numbers for you. By about 8 pm EST, you'll have them in your e-mail so you know exactly what's coming and when. Some of our shipping methods have different deadlines, so same day shipping policies change slightly for each and only apply to in stock items. Please refer to the table below and call us if you have any question:

Mail Delivery: Orders received by 1pm EST

Regular Freight: Orders received by 3pm EST

If your order does not ship when it should, we will pay for your shipping.

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